About Sarah

Howzit? I’m Sarah, the “Sarah” part of “Que Sera, Sarah.” See what I did there?



I’m a 30-something Army wife with 7ish or 8ish years of Army-wifing (wifeing? wife-ing?) under my belt. I’m basically an expert at this and also I have no idea what I’m doing.

My husband, The Babe, or Babe for short, is my best friend. We’ve been ringing each others bells since about forever, or like the last 11+ years.

My kids are Little Dude (5) and Princess* Peanut (almost 3 going on 30).  They’re awesome and hilarious and I totally take credit for all of it, except when they piss me off, then they belong to Babe.

I’m a freelance web and graphic designer. I also dabble in some other forms of art such as hand lettering, calligraphy, and crochet. You’ll probably see me post some of it because I have a constant need for asspats when it comes to creative works.

I love coffee, animals, the outdoors, video games, movies, and weighing my food. I love beer and wine but I love ice cream more.

I’m mostly writing this blog for me. To share how I make the most of wherever the Army sends us. Some places, like Hawaii, it’s easy. Other places, like Lawton, OK, it’s a little more challenging. But I aim to help just one military spouse find and create happiness despite the lack of control over things like moving, training schedules, and deployments.

Also I’m hilarious and I really like talking about myself.

*Before you get all up in my grill about labeling my daughter “Princess,” she loves Princesses, okay? I’m not enforcing gender stereotypes around here. Her favorite color is glitter and she thinks we’re all her servants. I was a tomboy. I did’t do this to her. She came this way.